Three Brothers


Three Brothers

Three Brothers is the first of two commercials produced for Italian fashion brand DèPio at Christmas 2019. The story takes place during Christmas Eve and follows the journey of three siblings across the city of London.

The siblings appear different in many ways because of their gender, age, interests and jobs, but their journeys all have a common destination: their father’s house and the Christmas dinner they’ll finally have there together.

Family reunion

The story is rich and varied, flowing organically and flawlessly. It focuses equally on each of the three siblings’ personal stories and ends on an ensemble scene in which all three of them unite to have dinner at their father’s house.

The variety of environments it involves is necessary to represent the different jobs and personalities of the three protagonists, including Harry’s music studio, Amber’s atelier and the deserted office Patrick works at until late.

DIRECTOR Luca Ferrara
WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Luca Ferrara
COUNTRY United Kingdom, Italy
TYPE Commercial
FORMAT Digital
YEAR 2019
DURATION 1 minute
Film stills