Short film


Tom – a timid young thief – takes part in his first break-in, accompanied by the experienced and threatening Garrett. However, the theft will soon take a horribly wrong turn. As the two are spotted and hunted down by a security guard, Tom will be required to violently confront him by his older and tougher peer.

The short film explores the technical conventions of the action-thriller genre, while dealing with a small, self-contained, coming-of-age story.


The short film was shot entirely on location, using 500T Super 16mm film stock provided by Kodak. This – together with the low-lighting situation the film was shot in, over the course of two nights – makes for a grainy, gritty and visceral look that really matches the tone and subject of the story told.

The cinematography displays a preference for moving, hand-held shots, mitigated by the occasional usage of an Easyrig, that aim to underscore its characters’ sense of stress, fear and imminent danger.

DIRECTOR Luca Ferrara
WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Tammy Siddick
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TYPE Short film
FORMAT 16mm film
YEAR 2018
DURATION 5 minutes
Film stills
Short film