Comedy short film


Stained is a comedy short film entirely set in an art gallery. It introduces a young, hipster, lying art critic who applies for a job as a gallery curator he is not qualified for and who will be soon inevitably exposed for his guilt.

The film was shot in a purposefully built studio set over the course of two days, on an Arriflex SR1 film camera, using Kodak 16mm motion picture film stock (250D stock) and edited for release over only three weeks.

Situational comedy

Stained is an attempt at situational comedy built around a single location and dialogue exchange, relying on weird music and oddly exaggerated acting performances to convey its final punchline.

The looks of the two characters, together with the on-the-nose appearance of the set and the extravagant props they engage with, give the finished product a dollhouse-esque feeling of oddness, fun and estrangement.

WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Neriah Mooneegan
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TYPE Short film
FORMAT 16mm film
YEAR 2018
DURATION 3 minutes
Film stills
Short film