Lo Sguardo – The Look

Short film

Lo Sguardo – The Look

A short film about longing and missed opportunities set in the frame of the Tuscan countryside. Clive, a shy English young man on a solo trip in Italy, receives a strange invitation for a massage at the resort he’s staying at. He will soon find out he’s been chosen for the erotic game of a mysterious couple looking for a special kind of pleasure.

Lo Sguardo – The Look is a London Film School graduation film, shot in Italy by an international cast and crew.

Summertime and longing

The film’s delicate and favolistic atmosphere is balanced by typical elements of the “comedy of errors”, where the mysteries and the unspoken matter just as much as what can be seen and heard and the screen.

Finding the right visual approach for this project was easy enough. Two aspects facilitated the process: a wonderful location immersed in the beautiful Florentine countryside and a careful enhancement of the colors and the typical lightness that characterize this land, which emphasize the climate of mystery and eroticism that runs through the story.

Awards and Festival Selections

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2022 - Selected
Rhode Island International Film Festival - Selected
Capri Hollywood International Film Festival
In the Palace International Short Film Festival

DIRECTOR Edoardo Ulivelli
WRITER Edoardo Ulivelli
PRODUCER Elena Pierattini
Antonio Donato
Luca Ferrara
Edoardo Ulivelli
COUNTRY United Kingdom, Italy
TYPE Short film
FORMAT Digital
YEAR 2022
DURATION 25 minutes
Film stills