L’Artigiano is the second of two commercials produced for Italian fashion brand DèPio at Christmas 2019. The story takes place during Christmas Eve and follows the actions of a man, father and husband.

The protagonist prepares Christmas presents for his wife and children (letting the latter believe they are from Santa Claus), only to eventually wear a firefighter uniform (which we guess to be his job) as he prepares to leave before the sun rises.

Love and care

Ultimately, the protagonist knows he won’t be able to spend Christmas together with his family physically, but will do so spiritually.

The story of the commercial takes place in a single location: the protagonist’s house. Even though, throughout the advert, we explore several of its rooms, the location preserves a visual and thematic consistency. The protagonist’s house had to appear warm and welcoming, absolutely placid and quiet.

DIRECTOR Luca Ferrara
WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Luca Ferrara
COUNTRY United Kingdom, Italy
TYPE Commercial
FORMAT Digital
YEAR 2019
DURATION 1 minute
Film stills