Short film


Helium is a sci-fi short film inspired by environmental themes shot entirely on location in the northern Italian countryside in summer 2018.

The film is set in a near, plausible future. As the Earth’s temperature grows uncontrolled due to global warming, those who have survived the environmental disaster must find a way to leave the planet before it’s too late.

Environmentalism and survival

As global warming and atmosphere pollution are real and dangerous contemporary issues, Helium explores the nature and extent of such problems, hoping to awaken the public’s attention towards future perspectives and potential solutions.

A feature-length script based on the short is currently in the works.

DIRECTOR Luca Ferrara
WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Leonardo Loraschi
Luca Ferrara
TYPE Short film
FORMAT Digital
YEAR 2019
DURATION 26 minutes
Film stills
Short Film