Harvey Nichols


Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols – Treat Yourself is a commercial produced for the London-based Harvey Nichols store. It was shot entirely in a studio over the course of 2 days before being entered into the Kodak Nahemi commercial competition in early 2020.

It was shot on an Arriflex SR3 camera and Super 16mm Kodak motion picture film (200T stock) and – despite its old-fashioned visual style – features a number of seamless VFX enhancements both to its performer(s) and set.

Treat Yourself

The advert features a personified version of Harvey Nichols (or rather one of its recurrent customers) talking to himself, expressing confusion during a surreal therapy session, which sets up and justifies its ending punchline.

The commercial toys with the idea of an established fashion brand like Harvey Nichols self-questioning its own strengths and appeal as it carries over superb quality and the weight of tradition into the modern world.

Awards and Festival Selections

3rd in Brief - Kodak Nahemi Competition 2020

DIRECTOR Pablo Benitez
WRITER Pablo Benitez
PRODUCER Luca Ferrara
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TYPE Commercial
FORMAT 16mm film
YEAR 2020
DURATION 1 minute
Film stills