From Beyond

Short film

From Beyond

From Beyond is a short film freely based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short story of the same name from 1920. It is set in northern Italy at the time of WWII and was shot entirely on location in and around Brescia in 2021. It is currently being distributed by the David-nominated distributor Pathos Distribution.

The film blends different genres including science fiction, thriller, war movie and horror and makes use of a mixture of practical and digital effects to bring to life creatures and environments inspired by Lovecraft’s opus.

Adapting Lovecraft

While we chose to set the story in a different time and place than the author intended, we hoped our adaptation could add spectacle to the source narrative, blending the heritage of original Lovecraftian themes with the iconic visuals of a WWII film.

Nonetheless, we like to consider our From Beyond‘s adaptation not just one of many Lovecraftian works of art being produced nowadays, but rather a quality, faithful execution of Lovecraft’s original visionary genius.

DIRECTOR Luca Ferrara
WRITER Lou Clark
Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Giorgio Lattanzi
Luca Ferrara
TYPE Short film
FORMAT Digital
YEAR 2023
DURATION 17 minutes
Film stills