Short film


Juliet, a young, woeful and uninspired painter, comfortably shares her world with an eerie entity: the Presence. A dark, wraith-like figure which follows the girl like a shadow, while a chain of sleepless nights chips away at Juliet’s sanity.

Gradually amplifying her understanding of reality with more delusions and fantasy, Juliet explores the ability to produce glorious pieces of artwork, crippled, yet also profoundly enthralled by the darkness that haunts her.

Insomnia and ghosts

Companion was shot on location with a Bolex 16mm camera on Kodak motion picture film (500T stock). It makes use of variations in production design, extensive makeup and costumes to deliver an expressionist set of visuals.

Old abandoned theatres, dark eerie entities, bedrooms based on Francis Bacon’s studio and a girl rotting away from insomnia are the key elements Companion relies on while constructing an immersive and visually unique universe.

WRITER Luca Ferrara
PRODUCER Darta Vijgrieze
COUNTRY United Kingdom
TYPE Short film
FORMAT 16mm film
YEAR 2018
DURATION 5 minutes
Film stills
Short film